Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy new Year.

Apple is really annoying me. They release firmware that supports podcasts, but not for 1G, 2G, or 3G iPods. Thanks. I want an "Podcasts" entry on the main menu, and the ability to view the info about the podcasts. It would literally take an hour to make these changes, please don't screw your loyal customers. My battery is going to hell as well ):

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

More computer stuff.

I have purchased $2000 worth of stuff from in the last year. Help me please.

Got the parts to build my brother a computer.

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ socket 939 Venice core
40 gig ata133 hard drive
512mb pc3200 ram
He is using my old case (POS)
Rosewill 350 watt power supply
Gigabyte atx mobo w/ agp 8x
Stock cooler
ATI 9600 256mb agp 8x graphics card

$430 not bad huh?

I also got a Antec Lanboy case, all aluminum !!! $80 lol

I have a computer problem.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Festivus!

Yeah, that's it fo now...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Making Windows XP look like a Macintosh

If you are tired of the ubiquitous look of Windows boxen, you might be looking for an alternitive; so I thought I'd would put together a little tutorial for the fledgling Windows user.

Step 1: Figuring out what you want your desktop to look like

It's always a good idea to plan ahead. Take some time to think about how you want your desktop to look and how funtional you want it to be. For the purposes of this tutorial, I'll completely change the look and funtionality of my Windows XP desktop. There are several program that you may want to use, the ones I find to be the best are Windows Blinds and Object dock, which can be downloaded and used free of charge. Windows blinds is a powerful piece of sofrware, which can change just about everything about the Windows gui. Object dock creates a Mac-like dock, where you can drag and drop programs, folders, links ect.

Step 2: Getting started

The first step would be to figure out what skin you like. Skins come in 'wbload' documents, and come in an almost infinite array of styles and colors. It's really up to your personal preference. I'll use a windows blinds skin called 'Tiger 2', by a website called StudioTwentyEight.
Again it's all up to personal preference, since there are dozens of Macintosh skins flotaing around on the web. Once you have figured out your skin, open Windows Blinds and click 'add skin', select the wbload document. It takes a couple of secnonds for the skin to the applied and voila!

Step 3: Configering Object Dock, and changing prefences

Download and install Object Dock. You'll notice that the dock is at the top of your screen and you may not want some of the default links. To delete a link or 'entry', simply drag and drop the link off of the dock; you'll notice the well-known mac recyle animation is included!

To add links, just drag and drop any program, link, folder you want to have at your fingertips. To move the dock down to the bottom of the screen, right click your Windows task-bar and un-tick lock the taskbar, then drag it to the top of the screen. Right click your new Dock, goto 'position on screen' and choose 'bottom', or wherever you want it to be.

To further configure your new dock, click the 'configure dock' entry, again it's all personal preference. I would suggest that you make the dock load when windows starts, to do this goto 'apperance' in the configuration screen, and check 'load object dock on start-up'. If you want, you can also clean up your Windows desktop by right clicking the desktop > 'Arrange icons by' > 'Show desktop icons'. All of your desktop icons will disappear.

Step 4:
Here is the final step to making your Windows desktop look like a Mac, getting rid of the Recycle Bin icon. This icon will go away if you hide all your icons as described above, but if you want to get rid of the bin, you need to do some registry editing.

1) Open 'regedit', type it into run on the start menu.

2)Find: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersionExplorer\Desktop\NameSpace

Find this key:{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}

Delete this key, but please note that changing the regsitry is done at your own risk!

Wait a few seconds or click anywhere on the desktop and click 'f5' to refresh it. The Recycle bin is gone.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Prank calls

Someone has pranked called my home phone twice, saying that he needs help removing pornography from his computer, and that this apparent spyware has changed his screename to ~insert explitive here~. And that it have changed his background to a movie of (which is impossble since the graphics system isn't built into the kernal, but explorer.exe is), of a pornographic act on his desktop. Again, I won't go into the details. But here's the deal. I need all people that read this to do some investigative work. I'll give you this n00bs phone number, please try to get his IP, or any other information about him. The person that can tell me who this idiot is, gets $10 (yes I am being serious.) This kind of idiotic nonsense has to stop, and I want to get this prank caller in the worst way that I know how. People of Earth help me prank the pranker.

I'll post his number soon. Tomorrow probably.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Searching for artist name,

Here is the easiest way to search for a song by a particular artist in Vista (as far as I know).

1) Locate a folder with music in in.

2) Change to the details view.

3) Click "contributing artist", then you can search for an artist or stack them.

4) And there you have it.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Windows Vista build 5259 review

As with Windows XP, Vista offers a streamlined gui installation, that's pretty much self-explanatory. Microsoft has streamlined it a bit more; however, now you will only need to choose your installation type, where to install, product key, region and the name of your computer. The rest is automatically completed with no "click here to continue with installation" nonsense. The one thing that I did notice was that installing Vista takes awhile; up to an hour, which is probably accentuated by the fact that the installer gives little feedback to the end-user, about what the installer is doing.

The windows installer barely tells you about what it's doing. (left)

First Impressions:
Not suprisingly, Windows vista looks pretty good; perhaps a bit overdone, but decent looking for sure. The first impression I got was that Vista certainly looks a lot better than XP, and I quite like the fading effects. The aero glass effects, on the other hand, I hate.... no I loathe them. They waste RAM and clock-cycles, and for what? Most of the time it looks like crap, not that anyone actually pays attention to the very top of apps anyway. Calling Microsoft an amateur at GUI design wouldn't be too harsh, because it's evident from Vista that this is true. Not you might be asking yourself: "Calm down, there's only a little bit of aero glass in Vista." Unfortunately, this couldn't be farther from the truth. It's on the start menu (build 5259), the task bar, sidebar, wmp.... in short it's everywhere you look. It should be mentioned that you can turn aero glass off, but I think that it would have looked better if they didn't use it spiratically.

Lasting impression:
Microsoft is trying too hard with their GUI, it's over-done and tacky.

Search, IE7 and Organization OH MY!

Taking the wind from Apple's sails, Vista has implemented a search function; which can find apps, files, and words within files. I tried renaming some of my music files, to see if Vista could really search for metadata. In the picture (sorry about the size, I type in Muse as the artist for the particular file Ihave selected. Changing metadata in Vista is pretty easy, indeed. When I searched for "muse"; however, to my chagrin, it couldn't find the file which I just had added the metadata "muse" to. Very, very disappointing. In the coming days I'll be writing more, hopefully Vista will suprise me with something good.... or maybe not.

When I added the word "muse", to the "specify albumn artist" dialog box. I still could not find the file, when searching for "muse".