Sunday, November 06, 2005

Tons of stuff.

I started working on my java chess game again, after about 5 weeks of not touching the code once. Not that I'm ashamed or anything, because I never really expected myself to sit down and do it in the first place. Right now I have the chess board set up, some of the pieces drawn, and the groundwork for some of the gameplay elements, basic stuff really. In my head I never imagine finishing the game anyway, it's just a little side-project. I'm also considering starting to build some sort of 2-D map editor for some old school games. But then I have to get around to learning some C++, sick of Java I am; atleast for the programming I actually enjoy doing. Java is too wordy and needy {insert your own metaphors here}, for me, I want something robust with good documentation online. Have you seen Sun's website lately? Try to locate the Java SDK 1.4 in less than 10 minutes... you can't it's impossible!

The only good thing that has happened to me is my gpa this marking period: 4.833, not to bad.

I would show you a snippet of code, but this blog runs in html, and it keeps giving me broken script errors.


Blogger Isole said...

You can use < and > for those less/greater-than symbols in HTML. But if your code is liable to be as syntactically nonsensical as what you just posted on Slashdot ...
for (x=0 xx+1;x++)
... then perhaps you should not bother.

3:48 PM  
Blogger AbandonedHero said...

Java is definitely a easy language to use. And the documentation is extremely easy to find too. It's called a bookmark.

10:49 PM  

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